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Strategic Parking Solutions provides parking consulting services for office buildings, airports, hotels, mixed-use
developments, hospitals, sporting arenas, stadiums and universities. Areas of service include:





Operational Review       

Is all of your money getting to the bank?  Is your operation staffed appropriately? 

Are employee timecards being calculated correctly?

Revenue Control 

Is your revenue control equipment malfunction often?  Do you pay a lot in repair
fees?  Is your system antiquated?  Does your system have loopholes your
employees have figured out?  What are you options for new equipment
and cost-saving systems?

Parking Operator RFP 

Need assistance on structuring a parking operator agreement?  Do you need

to put an RFP on the street and not sure how to write it or what to include? 

How to evaluate each RFP to ensure you are getting apples to apples. 

Can manage entire process from writing RFP to awarding contract.  Need us

prepare a Parking Operator Agreement?

Asset Management

Parking asset management provides our clients with the expertise and

resources needed to ensure that their asset is maximized.  SPS monitors

the results from both a financial and operational perspective. SPS ensures

your asset is functioning at an optimum level.  Monthly financial statements

are reviewed and SPS will follow up as necessary with recommendations.

SPS conducts site inspections and audits makes necessary adjustments

to ensure long-term objectives and goals are met. Our goal is to be your

parking partner. SPS wants to ensure that our clients’ parking assets generate

the best financial returns.

Mystery Shopping

Do you wonder how your employees' act when the Manager is not

around or after hours?


Need us to help you determine what type of revenue control equipment
best suits your needs?  We will manage the process from determining
specifications to negotiating with equipment manufacturer to deal agreement


Market & Rate Analysis


             How do local market factors affect your parking facility?  Who and what are the

             competition? Are your rates consistent with the competition/marketplace?

Financial Analysis

             What are the initial operating revenue and expense projections and is the NOI
             going to cover the debt service for your project?


Parking Needs Study                                                   

    Does your parking facility have diverse demand times at different times of the day,

    month or year?

Space Layout & Design

    Can your parking capacity increase simply by restriping your parking facility?

Wayfinding Graphics & Design

    Not sure what verbiage should be used or where to put signage?  Where are the decision points in
    your parking garage that require signage?  Can signage help the circulation flow in your parking